LING 1705W: World Englishes: The Linguistics of English-based varieties around the globe

4 CreditsGlobal PerspectivesSocial SciencesWriting Intensive

In this course, we will explore the linguistic questions that arise concerning the many varieties of English that are spoken around the globe. Our overarching concern will be what we can learn about humans and the human mind by studying the variation found across English varieties. Our investigation will focus on three primary threads of linguistic research: methods of data collection and analysis, tools of formal grammatical analysis, and critical analysis of sociopolitical contexts of language use. By approaching the global landscape of Englishes and English-based creoles in this way, we will tackle a number of questions, including: Who is a native speaker? What is a standard? What value judgments do people ascribe to different varieties of English? What sorts of (linguistic and extra-linguistic) relationships exist between different varieties of English and their speakers? What role does English play in an increasingly globalized world? How has its role changed over time and from place to place? Through this course, students will gain an understanding of how English is situated in the global linguistic landscape, an ability to critically read linguistics articles and other media relating to language use, experience in analyzing linguistic data to understand patterns and variation, and an ability to communicate their findings and analyses effectively.

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