MGMT 3061: Leadership in Practice: Everyday Moments of Leadership

2 Credits

Every day, life gives us opportunities to practice leadership: experiencing group conflicts, recognizing the achievements of a classmate, overhearing an offensive joke, observing microaggressions, sharing innovative ideas with your team. In this course, you will learn how to investigate and respond to these moments of leadership using fundamental leadership science and frameworks based on leadership theory and empirical evidence. These moments provide an opportunity to become something, to do something different, usually through understanding complex issues, navigating change, empathy, and influencing others. The course will expose you to fundamental leadership science and frameworks backed by leadership theory and empirical evidence. You will focus on understanding personal leadership strengths and vulnerabilities through assessments, reflection, and feedback. To improve your leadership capabilities, you must know from what point you are starting. Throughout the class, there will be reflection exercises and assessments that will help you understand your values, default traits, and work styles as you navigate everyday moments of leadership. Leadership skills are best learned by integrating and applying evidence-based theoretical concepts to practical situations. These skills are difficult to meaningfully assess with exams and typical assignments. Thus, we will learn with practical exercises and the application of course materials to your life as a leader. The experiential learning of the class will allow you to navigate leadership moments and bring the course concepts to life.

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