MGMT 4001: Social Venturing in Action

4 CreditsEntrepreneurshipField StudyPracticumService LearningStudent Teaching

Capstone course. Students choose projects with nonprofit organizations in local communities. Readings/discussions tie managerial theory to experiences. The focus of this course is on sectors of the economy that provide goods and services with motivation beyond generating profits for investors. The non-profit sector and impact-related for-profit organizations are a large, growing, and increasingly entrepreneurial part of our economy. Non-profit administration and social entrepreneurship require knowledge of subjects unique to this sector. This class will provide a basis of knowledge about these issues from the standpoint of practitioners and researchers. Because the landscape of the non-profit and impact-related for-profit world is broad, one seminar course cannot possibly cover all of the important and interesting issues in this field. In this course, we will focus our attention by exploring a number of issues that involve the intersection of the for-profit and the not-for- profit economies. prereq: Senior standing

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