MGMT 4034: Technology Strategy

2 Credits

This course addresses challenges and opportunities in the strategic management of technology and innovation. The course will equip students with the conceptual frameworks, tools, and language for analyzing and managing businesses in environments of technological change. We will examine how new technologies transform industries and create new markets, strategies for addressing technological change, and approaches for managers to shape and/or respond to new technologies. Because innovating or responding to new technologies often involves strategic and organizational change, we will also discuss how organizations change in response to new technologies. We will use a combination of readings, lectures, case discussions, and simulations. The final team project provides an opportunity to explore in-depth the technology strategy and innovation challenges of a particular organization. The class is heavily discussion-based, which means that all students must read the material and be prepared to contribute to the learning process. prereq: Mgmt 3004 or 3001

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