MGMT 4505: Senior Seminar in International Business

2 Credits

Globalization and the technological developments of the digital age have created exciting new opportunities for managers who seek growth and profits by accessing resources and serving markets worldwide. At the same time, managing across cultures and nations in a world where foreign companies are not always viewed in a positive light, poses its own challenges. This course will address the global context and then focus on the strategic and cultural challenges involved in managing activities across borders, in an increasingly interconnected world. It will build on the concepts introduced in MGMT 3040, as well as the students’ “Study abroad” experience (if any, given recent travel restrictions). Our course is taking place in the midst of an unprecedented (peace-time) world-wide threat. The pandemic has created a host of paradoxes. Countries have closed their borders and yet, have never depended so much on each other to deal with the common threat. We are acutely aware that one country's failure is every country's failure when one single item is on top of everyone's agenda. Even though these are challenging times for all of us, they also provide an extremely rich context within which we can discuss the topics on our syllabus. prereq: CSOM sr, completed semester abroad, IB major or minor

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