MGMT 6070: Technology Strategy

2 Credits

This course addresses challenges and opportunities in the strategic management of technology. It will equip students with conceptual frameworks tools, and language for analyzing and managing businesses in environments of technological change. Students will understand how new technologies transform industries and create new markets, ways that firms shape and/or respond to technological evolution in industries, and the strategic decisions for managing technological change and creating and capturing value from new technologies. We will also consider the influences of factors outside the control of a particular firm, such as complementary markets or the organization of innovations in the broader technology developing community. Because innovation and responding to technological change involve changing organizations, we will also consider factors in leading and managing organizational change. The course uses a combination of readings, lectures, case discussions, exercises, and simulations, and includes cases and vignettes on situations of specific companies managing technology strategy. Anyone who wants to lead innovation or create and capture value from new technologies should take this course. We live in a world of constant technological change and disruption. An understanding of the patterns and processes of innovation and technological change will help students formulate and execute successful technology strategies.

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