MKTG 6087: Power of Story

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Abraham Lincoln professed that “People are more influenced and informed through a story than in any other way.” This course is about harnessing the power of story to become a more influential communicator. Whether you’re presenting data or a new idea, this course will prepare you to overcome challenges such as: How do you get (and maintain) attention? How can you convey complex information quickly? How do you make a broad, abstract idea concrete and tangible enough for people to understand? How do you provide credibility for your idea without resorting to dry statistics? This course = communication science + storytelling workshop. It involves many exercises, activities, and practicing your skills. By focusing on personal storytelling, Power of Story is aimed at those who seek to resonate with others through clear and captivating communication. Prereq: MBA 6301 (previously MBA 6300), CSOM graduate student

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