MM 3205: Engineering for Manufacturing Operations

3 CreditsOnline Available

What makes a factory run? In this course, you'll learn all about those intricacies and gain the tools and skills required to create high-output systems that can reliably function day in, day out. You will do most of your learning through creative exercises. For example, you'll take apart a flashlight to create the tools needed for manufacturing, and you'll validate a piece of equipment while toasting a loaf of bread. Your final project will be designing and manufacturing your own holiday card. Since the best learning happens when there's flexibility to fail, the instructor creates assignments that have a little ambiguity to them. (Students can even turn in homework twice to improve their grade, if needed.) By the end of this course, you'll have the confidence to work effectively across silos, and you'll have a wealth of career advice from an instructor with over 20 years' experience leading teams at Fortune 500 companies. Prerequisite: None

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