OLPD3308: Data-Driven Decision-Making in BME and HRD

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Living in the age of technology has implications for everyone in Business & Marketing Education (BME) and Human Resource Development (HRD). Technology that makes it possible to collect huge amounts of data has given more individuals and organizations the power and responsibility to analyze data and make decisions based on this data. The amount of data being collected on our preferences, attitudes, and behaviors will only increase in the future, and this rich data can be used towards a variety of ends. In this course, we will use quantitative methods to uncover the information in large data sets and then consider how individuals and organizations are able to gain a competitive advantage by acting on this information. Topics covered in this course include:- Critical analysis of complex issues related to BME and HRD in organizations.- Major techniques of quantitative data analyses used in BME and HRD. - How to use of Excel and Excel Add-in Tools to conduct data analyses.- How to make effective decisions based on quantitative information in BME and HRD situations.- Effective reporting of quantitative results to meet the expectations of stakeholders.

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