OLPD 3425: Practicum in Professional Sales Education

2 Credits

The Practicum in Professional Sales Education course is for undergraduate students looking to obtain the Sales Certificate through the College of Education and Human Development. This course is the first of two practical courses for the Sales Certificate. Students will learn how to understand and incorporate emerging topics in professional sales into practical experiences, including how to execute the sales cycle used by sales professionals, as well as other emerging topics such as: building Rapport, determining buyers needs and motivations, preparing for a career in sales, resume development and DISC profile assessments, communicating value propositions, and handling objections. This course will require active engagement with course materials, classmates, and class projects. The class sessions include group activities, role plays and simulations, and briefing/debriefing sessions to prepare and discuss each week’s topics and activities. Over the semester, students will complete both individual and group assignments, including reflective writing and class lesson facilitation. Ultimately, the practicum is a “laboratory” where students will have the opportunity to engage with sales knowledge and career competencies using real world simulations.

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