OLPD4696: Applied Experience in Business Marketing Education & Human Resource Development

1-4 Credits

OLPD 4696, the Applied Experience course, is designed as a culminating learning experience for students nearing graduation. It affords students an opportunity to seek out practical work experience related to their area of concentration in business and marketing or human resource development. An essential part of an Applied Experience is the opportunity to use the knowledge acquired in the classroom in practical applications in the workplace. Problem-solving and creative thinking in the workplace supports the retention and mastery of information gained in the classroom.To be successful, the Applied Experience in BME/HRD should focus on a specific project(s) or task(s) that lend to analysis and resolution over the course of 6 to 14 weeks. A typical Applied Experience in BME/HRD involves 160 hours of work for 4 credits including all the course work listed on this syllabus (20 hr) during a single semester (45 hours per credit). The Applied Experience in BME/HRD is not credit for work. Students must be engaged in specific activities/duties related to their area of concentration related to the field of business and marketing or human resource development. Each activity is expected to relate to a BME/HRD theory, a career competency area, or professional skill. The student and the employment supervisor will be asked to sign a contract stipulating to the internship objective and activities; the contract must also be approved by the instructor.prereq: OLPD ugrd student in BME/HRD, BME compl 3 of the 4 cores: OLPD 3318, 3401, 3424, 4426. HRD compl 4 of the 4 cores: OLPD 3601, 3202, 3621, 3641. Completed or permission to be concurrently registered for OLPD 3609.

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