OLPD5703: College Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

3 Credits

College counseling centers across the U.S. report that the number of students with significant mental health and wellness issues is an increasing concern. For example, 21 percent of counseling center students present with severe mental health concerns, while another 40 percent of students exhibit mild mental health problems. These numbers will be exacerbated as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. An unknown number of students receive support from college staff who work in student support roles. College Student Mental Health and Wellness, will critically explore research and practice describing the mental and emotional concerns of students on college campuses and the types of interventions designed to address them. Topics in the course will include – but will not be limited to – types of mental health concerns, ways in which multicultural issues influence how students express mental health concerns, working with students in crisis, structures of referral sources, ethical and legal issues, managing mental health in Covid-19, and self-care for those working with these students on college campuses. Components on effective strategies for providing psychological support will assist students in the development of their communication skills. We will also explore a range of wellness issues that intersect with mental health and wellness concerns. Note: this class will focus on the exploration of mental health issues from higher education and student affairs perspectives (e.g. how can higher education professionals and student affairs staff best support students with mental health concerns across individual and institutional levels?).

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