OLPD 8105: Qualitative Longitudinal Research Methods and Analysis in Education

3 Credits

This course introduces students to paradigmatic assumptions, approaches, and the knowledge and skills, needed to undertake qualitative longitudinal research and analyses in education. The course first introduces students to the distinctions of qualitative longitudinal research, and the types of research problems and questions that this approach can address. The course explores the unique contributions of longitudinal research to understanding change, time and continuity. The course then focuses on several research methods' ethnography, life histories, and multiple interviews/observations that are used in qualitative longitudinal research, and the distinct and unique questions that longitudinal approaches using these methods can address. Using existing qualitative longitudinal datasets, students will then engage in different approaches and levels of qualitative longitudinal analyses. The course supports students in the analysis processes of qualitative data that they may use for their own research studies. Students will also produce a final paper of a mini-research project, including the qualitative longitudinal research questions, theoretical framework, approach and analyses they have used. prereq: Graduate Student. Requires foundational qualitative research knowledge eg., OLPD 5056 Case Studies; OLPD 5061 Ethnographic Research Methods or CI 8148 Conducting Qualitative Studies in Educat Contexts

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