PE 1039: Pickleball

1 Credit

Pickleball is a sport that was created for all ages and skill levels to find ways to enjoy physical activity and develop agility, technique, and a competitive spirit. Pickleball is a highly entertaining sport that is engaging and approachable to the true novice, which this course is designed for. This course is a beginning level, physically active course designed for students of all abilities. Students will develop a working knowledge of the etiquette, sportspersonship, rules, safety concerns, safe/healthy techniques, game theory, sport culture and regulations of pickleball. Physical literacy will also be developed through in-class activities and drills that support the development of techniques and agilities in relation to the sport that students will be able to utilize in multiple environments that benefit the healthy development of the whole person. Skills will include ball control, forehand/backhand drives, serving, drive/lobs, smash and general strategy. This course includes lectures, demonstrations, and active student participation. The pursuit of this lifelong activity is the ultimate goal, so students will have out-of-the-classroom opportunities to engage in this sport culture. This will expose students to the exciting local, national, and international competitive and basic engagement opportunities for individuals interested in this physical activity. This course is ideal for students interested in learning more about a growing and inclusive physical activity and a unique way to encourage a physically active lifestyle.

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