PHAR 6511: Whole Task Learning 1

5 Credits

This course will combine use of multimodal approaches to empower collaborative learning. Instructors will guide students through learning experiences rooted in the daily work of a pharmacist in order to build knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for patient-centered, team-based care. Each Area of Science is represented with emphasis on developing and integrating knowledge to evaluate the scientific literature, explain drug action, solve therapeutic problems and advance population health and systems of care. The whole task learning approach is used, and “emphasize[s] the importance of real-life tasks as the basis for the design of learning tasks, and thus, for fruitful learning.” Within this approach, the instructional design provides learning activities and task practice that will foster students’ use of efficient problem-solving strategies in variable and complex settings. Prerequisite: Admission into first year of PharmD program.

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