PHAR 6754: Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

2.1 Credits

In this course, students will learn the principles of the pathophysiology of diabetes, pharmacology of the antidiabetic agents, evaluate key research on diabetes, interpret and apply clinical guidelines for diabetes, assess socioeconomic aspects of diabetes, and apply this information to patient cases. Special populations with diabetes will also be discussed including pediatric, gestational, and geriatric diabetes. Students will also learn the the pathophysiology of metabolic syndrome, pharmacology of obesity treatments, nonpharmacological and pharmacological ways to treat metabolic syndrome, including the implications of bariatric surgery on use of pharmacologic agents in general, and apply this information to patient cases. prereq: Students will need to have successfully completed: Molecular Metabolism/Nutrition, Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy concurrent registration is required (or allowed) in Pharmaceutical Care Skills Lab 1-3. Students should be able to describe the physiology of insulin action, incretin hormones, amylin, and the fasting and fed states. Students should be able to describe how insulin is designed and manufactured. Students should be able to describe the following biochemistry topics: carbohydrate metabolism and lipid metabolism, and protein. Students should be able to assess a patient and determine most appropriate pharmacotherapy treatment options for a patient's hypertension and dyslipidemia treatments, including ability to describe, interpret and apply evidence-based guidelines. Students should be able to describe how nutrition impacts energy production, utilization and storage, and obesity. Students need to be able to describe the caloric content of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids and be able to apply that knowledge to reading food labels and evaluating a patient's nutritional status.

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