PHAR 6756: Kidney, Fluid, and Electrolytes

2.1 Credits

About 75% of new cases of chronic kidney disease (CKD) are due to diabetes and hypertension. Patients with CKD often experience congestive heart failure and anemia. In addition, the kidney is the main excretory route for many drugs. Thus, this course offers an opportunity to integrate material learned in previous and concurrent courses. In this course, students will learn key concepts and develop specific skills in the management of common fluid and electrolyte and single acid/base disorders and in prevention and management of chronic kidney disease and associated conditions. prereq: Students must have completed the following courses successfully: - Applied Pharmaceutical Care, - Foundations of Social and Administrative Pharmacy, - Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology of Cardiovascular Agents, - Pharmacokinetics, - Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, - Cellular Metabolism and Nutrition See the course syllabus for more detailed prerequisites.

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