PHAR6784: Integrated Oncology

2.8 Credits

This course focuses on the etiology and molecular biology of tumorigenesis, medicinal agents, and pharmacology of anticancer agents, treatment of the most common cancers, supportive care of the patient with cancer, and social and ethical considerations of the treatment of the patient with cancer including end of life directives. prereq: PD3 in good academic standing, students will find it helpful to review the following topic areas: Principles of Biochemistry (Lipids [Structure/Function], Proteins [Folding/Conformation]), Cellular Physiology Molecular Biology, Genetics (Cell Biology [signal transduction, DNA replication, transcription, protein translation, cell cycle, apoptosis], Immunology, Tumorigenesis, Angiogenesis, Genetics principles, Anatomy/Physiology [GI tract, pulmonary, hormone and feedback regulation])

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