PLPA 1902: Sequencing Plants, Pets, and Pathogens: The Genomics of Non-Humans

3 CreditsFreshman Seminar

Sequencing DNA enables powerful new insights into the biology of plants, animals, and microbes. This freshman seminar explores the discoveries, applications, and implications of DNA sequencing technology. Along the way, we learn about genomics, DNA testing, domestication, genome engineering, archaic hominids, de-extinction, microbiomes, and sequence-based tracking of epidemics – primarily through readings in the popular press, YouTube videos, in-class practicums, and debates. Nevin Young is a genomicist and professor of plant pathology. His lab studies the genomic basis of symbiosis between legume plants and nitrogen-fixing bacteria. In the classroom, he teaches courses in genomics and biotechnology, exploring their impacts on public policy and environmental debates.

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