PORT 3910: Topics in Lusophone Literatures

3 CreditsTopics Course

In this course, you will read literature from communities where Portuguese is spoken, such as Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, and Portugal. The readings will be linked by a common topic, such as gender/sexuality, postcolonialism/globalization, or transatlantic studies. The specific topic will vary from one semester to another, but the goal will always be for you to gain a deeper understanding of the topic and how it connects to literature and to a historical context. You may read a selection of genres of literature, such as short stories, plays, essays, and poems, as well as theoretical texts about the topic of the semester. Assessments will include essays and may also include other graded assignments, such as oral presentations or written exams. PORT3910 may be taken up to three times provided that the topic is different each time. prereq: 3003

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