PSY 1912: Drugs, Brains and Behavior

3 CreditsFreshman Seminar

This course will examine substance use and misuse from the perspective of brain science. Mental health and societal issues surrounding drug and alcohol use will be covered including information from the popular media, government, and scientific research. Viewpoints surrounding each topic will be scrutinized through the lens of current brain and behavioral research. Students will gain a deeper ability to think critically and scientifically about popular beliefs regarding substance use. For instance, despite decades of study, existing research does not make clear whether brain deficits in human substance users are caused by misuse of substances, or caused by pre-existing factors (e.g., genetics, home environment) that predate substance use and predispose individuals to misuse in the first place. The course will draw from interesting new research conducted by faculty at the University of Minnesota and elsewhere to gain insight into this uncertainty. Although we will discuss these topics from a neurobiological standpoint, a background in neuroscience is not expected or necessary.

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