PUBH6311: Clinical Epidemiology II

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Clinical epidemiology is the science of using population methods to answer individual patient questions. This course in clinical epidemiology will cover the design of epidemiological studies and the analysis and interpretation of epidemiological data in order to answer clinical questions. Clinical Epidemiology II will cover concepts related to prognosis, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. This course is intended for MS students majoring in clinical research. If you are in the clinical research certificate program and have an MD, please contact the instructor for permission. Students in PhD programs in the School of Public Health are welcome to enroll as long as they meet the course requirements. This course is not suitable for MPH students. COURSE PREREQUISITES • Fundamentals of Epidemiology (PUBH 6320; grade of B- or higher) OR Epidemiological Methods I (PUBH 6341; grade B- or higher), or equivalent. • Clinical Epidemiology I (PUBH 6310; grade B- or higher) OR Epidemiological Methods II (PUBH 6342; grade B- or higher), or equivalent. • Biostatistics Literacy (PUBH 6414; grade of B- or higher) OR Biostatistics I (PUBH 6450; grade B- or higher), or equivalent.

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