PUBH 6346: Preparing for the Integrative Learning Experience: Secondary Data Analysis

1 Credit

The goal of the course is to prepare students for completing the epidemiology MPH program’s Integrative Learning Experience (ILE) research project where they conduct a secondary data analysis of a cross-sectional, case-control, or cohort study. The course has been designed to work in conjunction with PubH 6344 “Completing the Integrated Learning Experience: Secondary Data Analysis” which is offered in the Spring Semester. The course is also open to other MPH students preparing to conduct a secondary data analysis for their ILE. PubH 6346 will provide instruction and hands-on experience to help students conduct a literature review in the focus area of their choice, develop their research question(s), and identify a data set that is appropriate and feasible for operationalizing and answering their question(s). prereq: Concurrent enrollment in PubH 6343, Epi MPH student or instructor consent

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