PUBH 7525: Introduction to Population Health: A Health System Perspective

2 CreditsOnline Available

We will work from the definition that Population Health is the examination of large amounts of human data to address issues of health status and issues in aggregate to address the needs of large groups of people (populations). In other words, Population Health is concerned with the distribution of resources to overcome problems that drive poor health conditions in the population. This definition will be framed by the concept of Systems, which are human processes and social linkages that come together for a purpose. In this course, we will examine the factors that differentiate population health from public health, identify purpose of population health strategies, and discuss various intervention approaches. The course centers around a final project called a “Population Health Strategy.” Each week, students will learn skills and techniques that support the completion of a final project. Students will answer: • What’s the health problem; • Who is the population of interest; • Who are the stakeholders and partners; • What is the outcome you hope to improve; • How will you achieve that goal; and • How will you message this plan? As you work to build this strategy, you will be asked to consider the social and environmental influences of illness and disease as well as many of the organizational challenges of implementation and outreach. Throughout this journey, you will read a diverse selection of academic and professional writing, all focused on giving you the breadth and depth of knowledge you will need to create a strong population health strategy. One of the ways you will engage with this material is through weekly presentations (group) and writing assignments (short). These will help you progress through the material and hone skills you will need as leaders in the Health Administration workforce.

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