PUBH 7538: Health Financial Principles

4 CreditsOnline Available

This course covers basic concepts of accounting, finance, and financial management of health care organizations, including how organizations utilize and report financial data and use that data to make decisions. This course will serve as a prerequisite for the more advanced finance courses that are in the health management curriculum. The primary objective of this course is to impart administrative/managerial knowledge and financial/accounting theory and technique required in managing healthcare organizations within today’s evolving environment. The elements of this course will teach the fundamental concepts of healthcare accounting, healthcare finance, including both accounting and financial management principles with emphasis on the current financial environment in which providers operate. The primary purpose of this course is to present the basic accounting concepts and financial management techniques (e.g. cost allocation, pricing and service decisions, budgeting) that are most critical to managerial decision making within healthcare organizations. This course is constructed in such a manner to assist each student in the development of their individual managerial skills, consistent with the National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL) Competency Model Demonstration, in which the School of Public Health is a participant. Prereq: MHA student or instructor consent.

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