PUBH 7740: Leadership and Leading Change

2 Credits

Leadership and Leading Change, is designed for E-PHAP students who aspire to be effective leaders and effective change agents in multi-sectoral contexts. The health care sector organizations discussed will include a variety of public health settings, care delivery organizations and others including government, private and public organizations across multiple sectors. Students explore the core concepts of leadership theory and the principles of change in organizational, community, political, social, and global settings. They use a self-assessment instrument to understand their own strengths and areas for improvement as a leader and use the results of that assessment to develop a personal leadership development plan. The readings are books and articles from the general leadership literature, from the change management literature, and from public health teaching cases. In this hybrid course, the face-to-face portion includes small group discussions, guest speakers, exercises and class discussions that focus on applying concepts from the readings to a variety of settings. Students participate in small discussion groups; each small group will have an opportunity to lead a class discussion on assigned reading materials and their application to leadership in health care settings today. The on-line portion of the course focuses on principles of change and change strategies for public health leaders. Students post reflection notes and engage in discussion with colleagues on course content to critique, comment on relationships between concepts, and to provide personal reflections on the material as the course progresses through the on-line weeks. The in-person portion of the course ends with an assigned paper, the personal leadership development plan. Finally, students choose one of two options for their final course paper: (1) a critique of a change project and leadership from the field, or (2) a personal project plan that demonstrates application of change and leadership strategies.

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