RUSS 3604: Russia At The Movies: A Survey Of The History Of Russian Cinema

3 CreditsArts/Humanities

This course is designed to provide a chronological overview of major developments, trends, experiments, searches, traditions, and conventions of Russian cinematic art examined in the context of the historical and cultural background of the 20th and early 21st centuries. The history of cinema is intrinsically connected to political, historical, cultural and social developments.For each epoch of development we will first outline the historical and cultural context before investigating the major films and themes of the period. We will elaborate on those films that have made an important contribution to cinematic or cultural history, both in Russia and the world. RUSS 3604/5604 meets the Liberal Education core requirement in Arts and Humanities. Through a close study of film we learn about how this art medium reflects and expresses human experience and engages us through the exploration of the formal and aesthetic dimensions of film, as well as the study of cultural, social, and historical background in which it is deeply steeped.

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