SCAN3617: Scandinavian Gothic: Horror and the Uncanny in Nordic Literature and Media

3 CreditsArts/HumanitiesGlobal PerspectivesOnline AvailableOral Communication & Languages

Scandinavia is popularly thought of as a bastion of social democracy, gender equality, and sleek modern design. Despite this well-earned reputation for political and aesthetic progressivism, there has also been a significant undercurrent of anti-rationalism and supernatural horror in Nordic culture. In Gothic fiction, the unwelcome appearance of primitive, irrational, and malevolent forces often takes the form of supernatural or monstrous figures—ghosts, vampires, witches, and trolls. As conventions established abroad mingled with a home-grown tradition of social realism, the Scandinavian Gothic became a vehicle for representing marginalized voices and revealing the shortcomings of Nordic societies. We will examine Gothic works of literature, film, television, popular music, and visual art. Through this examination, we will build an analytical vocabulary to formally analyze works of Gothic art in all of these media, and will practice that through in-class discussions as well as formal and informal writing.

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