SCLY 3201: Sicily Design Lab

3 Credits

Physical making remains central to how we understand and design the world around us, even as we become a more digitally connected, global world. These project-based, making-intensive courses celebrate the act and craft of individual hand-making in community with other makers. The specific theme and project change each year and are determined by the expert instructors in consultation with MADE Academy leadership. They are taught by international designers at the MADE Academy, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Syracuse, Italy. Students in these workshops will learn in the tradition of the expert and apprentice, working side by side with peers and expert art and design instructors from around the world. Each workshop will focus on a single team project; the prompt is issued at the start of the week, students work through the design and making throughout the week, and the project is reviewed five days later. At mid-week, students have a brief, independent assignment that extends the specific ideas of the workshop in the context of the learning abroad experience and the concurrent summer MADE Academy symposium content.

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