SCO 6081: Global Operations Strategy

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An essential element of every business model is the delivery of services or goods. Some companies astonish customers by a constant stream of new and innovative products. Other companies can deliver their goods or services rapidly or have the absolute cost leadership in their industry. Such world-class capabilities are usually the result of a well formulated and executed operations strategy. Therefore, understanding operations strategy is crucial for business model innovation in a global environment. Topics covered in the course include the operational implications of strategic decisions, such as global facility location, market strategy, methods of market entry, outsourcing, process standardization, global product expansion, social responsibility, sustainability, and ethics. Students conduct an in-depth country analysis from a global perspective to fulfill their international experience as well as a comprehensive assessment of the current trends and impacts affecting global industries and organizations. The course uses supply chain and operations management academic theories and applicable case studies to illustrate and explore the concept of global operations strategy. Students will develop their abilities to: 1. Think strategically, analytically, and creatively from a global perspective. 2. Develop an understanding of formulating and executing global operations strategy 3. Develop a better understanding of the processes underlying various international business models. 4. Understand how people, process and technology are integral to executing an effective global strategy. 5. Maximize the benefit of key partnerships (i.e., HR; Finance; IT) in executing the agreed-upon strategy 6. Practice effective team strategies to maximize results prereq: [MBA 6221 or equiv], MBA student

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