SDNY 3013: Analyzing and Exploring the Global City: Sydney

3-4 Credits

This course is designed to encourage students to engage in a critical analysis of the development of modern cities, Sydney in particular. It will trace Sydney’s development from a \"colonial outpost\" into the \"thriving metropolis\" it is today. The course will examine how the forces of colonization, migration, modernization, and globalization have affected the city and its inhabitants. Students will gain insights into the changing dynamics and identities of its inhabitants, and will also look at the forces, which have shaped Sydney’s relationship with the rest of the world. The course is organized thematically, with each theme examining different aspects of the city. It begins with an introduction to the city, then a discussion of Sydney as a colonial city, moving into an analysis of its identities, impact of migration and finally its commerce, cityscape and urban future. The course ultimately intends to help students contextualize their travels and encounters in the city, and will help them develop informed interpretations of Sydney while they are here.

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