SFS 3262: Rainforests of Australia

4 Credits

In Rainforests of Australia, you will obtain a broad appreciation of the diversity and dynamics of tropical terrestrial biomes and marine life. You will be introduced to the current and past distributions of tropical rainforests, their biodiversity, and their relationships with the abiotic environment, human use, present threats, and restoration practices. This course aims to bring together an understanding of the underlying ecological processes that affect rainforests (and other tropical vegetation) with the role of human society in shaping the present and future rainforests of the Wet Tropics. The course will take the Australian Wet Tropics as a case study to investigate this field, yet many of the skills you learn here can be transferred to other systems. Topics covered will include: biophysical determinants of which vegetation type occurs where; past, present, and future threats to Wet Tropics rainforests; and the theory and practice of rainforest restoration. The course also has a practical component. You will be taught field techniques for carrying out field research, data analysis, and communication of results. The course is a mixture of class lectures, field lectures, field laboratory courses, workshops, field trips, and readings to complement the material presented in the lectures. A major emphasis is on field skills, the collection, management and analyses of data, and skills of writing a scientific paper. A wide range of material will be provided and should be used to study the class topics and to acquire the desired skills. Be aware that all material covered in class, lectures, field lectures, and field trips will be required.

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