SLHS 1302: Rate Your World: Quantifying Judgments of Human Behavior

3 CreditsMathematical Thinking

This 3-credit course meets the UMN liberal education requirements in the area of mathematical thinking. As specified on the university web site, the courses that were approved to fulfill the liberal education requirements aim to “guide you through the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of different academic disciplines” and to “equip you with a broad range of tools that you can use to approach problems in your everyday life and work, and ultimately to make a positive difference in your communities, your society, your state, and your world.” This course was initially developed by Professors Peggy Nelson and Leslie Glaze, and its contents have been substantially revised by Professor Yang Zhang to meet the requirements of the college curriculum review committee. Current materials for the course are based in part on a course at another Big Ten University, Ohio State, which was originally developed by Professor Mary EBeckman.

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