SMGT3111: Sports Facility and Event Management

3 Credits

Sport facilities and event management represents one of the fastest growing areas in the sport and entertainment industry. The construction of new stadiums, arenas, and other venues continues to evolve as new technologies and service experiences are incorporated into venue construction. Further, the organization and management of sport and other special events has become more challenging as the expectations of event goers have increased and standards of what makes a successful event experience have evolved. This course will review and examine the principles and practices associated with managing a sport facility and delivering sporting events. This course builds on the general principles of sport facility and event management by providing students with both in-depth theoretical knowledge and an industry-focused, practical understanding of the administrative and managerial functions that support venues and events.In this course, students will explore topics such as ticket operations, scheduling, event marketing, event budgeting, sponsorship, risk and security, and environmental sustainability as they relate to all types of sport facilities and events. While a primary focus in the course will be on large sport facilities and major sporting events, students will also be given the opportunity to study cases of small venues and local events. As part of this course students will learn to conduct a venue feasibility study, create an event bid, and develop an event management plan. Through these projects students will also connect directly with industry partners to learn their perspectives on contemporary facility and event management as well as build their professional networks in this area of the sport industry.prereq: SMGT major or SMGT minor or CEHD IDP or instructor consent

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