SMGT3421: Business of Sport

3 Credits

As the sport industry continues to evolve from a technological and service delivery perspective, the ability of future sport managers to think entrepreneurially about their business as they seek to solve industry problems is of paramount importance. This course examines the sport business ecosystem with a focus on fiscal responsibility and financial management while offering students the opportunity to use the principles of entrepreneurship, forecasting, and risk assessment to build ideas that can shape the future of sport industry offerings.In this course, students will learn relevant theories and industry best practices as they consider how to build organizational capacity for, and willingness to, embrace change and risk-taking to innovate product and service offerings. Projects and assignments in this course will include learning directly from, and writing papers reflecting on, discussions with industry executives in sport organizations that embrace an entrepreneurial mentality. The culminating assignment in this course is a sport entrepreneurship project in which students will leverage on-campus resources to develop a new sport product or service idea.prereq: SMGT major or SMGT minor or CEHD IDP or instructor consent

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