SMGT3601: Ethics and Values in Sport

2 Credits

In sport management, we have many opportunities to ask questions regarding acts and decisions as right or wrong. What does it mean to act in a way that characterizes good behavior? How do we develop morally? What are our personal values and moral orientations? Does sport perpetuate violence in society? What is moral and ethical conduct in sport management? What is meant by the term social responsibility? Do professional sport team owners have a responsibility to the community? How do we make decisions that are good, right and authentic? These questions and other ethical issues in sport will be explored from historical, philosophical, and sociological perspectives. The process of critical reading, thinking, writing, and discussion will be emphasized. Thoughtful reflection and respectful dialogue are encouraged. Critical thinking is a learned process and two activities are central to this process: 1) identifying and challenging assumptions and 2) exploring and imagining alternatives (Brookfield, 1987). prereq: SMGT major or minor and 60 credits completed or in progress

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