SMGT3826: Research Methods in Sport Management

3 Credits

A solid understanding of research methods in sport management is becoming more and more important for students pursuing their career in the world of sport. This course is intended to provide students with an overview of research philosophy and useful research methods in Sport Management in academia and in practice. Students will have the opportunity to learn appropriate skills to conduct effective research on problems facing the decision-makers and practitioners in the sport industry. This course will begin with an overview of research concepts and topics in sport management, along with a discussion of the ethical issues with research projects. It will move on to examine the research process, including selecting a topic, reviewing the literature, formulating research questions, developing a conceptual framework, and establishing the research design. The course will then address qualitative research in sport management, including introducing basic qualitative data collection methods and analysis/coding strategies. The course will then shift to discussing quantitative research paradigms and introducing basic quantitative data analysis techniques.

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