SOC 4978V: Honors Capstone Experience: Proseminar II

3 CreditsHonorsWriting Intensive

This is the second course in the two-course Honors Capstone Experience. In Soc 4978V, students will complete their data collection and analysis while the focus of the seminar turns to scholarly writing, and particularly to drafting and refining arguments. The Department of Sociology does not make any initial distinction between Honors students who are seeking cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude levels of Latin Honors. Instead, our focus is on helping students to develop ambitious and high-quality original research papers of which they can be justifiably proud and which can serve as testaments to their abilities. The Department of Sociologys approach is to support every Honors student as they plan and conduct summa-level work. The ultimate recommendation for level of latin honors is made by the committee at the time of the thesis defense. In addition to the Honors thesis requirements, the recommendation for summa-level honors is reserved for the papers that demonstrate the following criteria: - Tight integration between a clearly defined question or thesis and the research presented; - Ambitious original research design, with research completed on time and analyzed appropriately; - Integration of ongoing conversations in the research literature into the design and analysis of the data gathered; - Powerful and precise prose which weaves together evidence and argument and which is attentive to both the lessons and limits of the data. Students will do an Oral Defense and participate in a panel presentation at the spring Sociological Research Institute (SRI). The Sociology Department requires completion of Soc 4977V/4978V to graduate with Latin Honors. prereq: 1001/1011V, 3701, 3801, 3811, 4977V, and at least 12 upper-division SOC credits; Sociology honors major & department consent

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