TH3152W: Global Avant-Gardes: Theatre, Music, Modernity

3 CreditsFreshman SeminarEnvironmentHistorical PerspectivesWriting Intensive

What does it mean to be an avant-garde artist in the Global South? In postcolonial Africa and Asia, where arts were linked to national modernization projects, artists have played a key role in shaping citizens? identity, alongside schools and universities. While participating in modernizing projects, avant-garde artists maintained independence from state institutions and voiced criticism of dictators. This course examines avant-garde performance in several locations of the Global South, analyzing dramas of national history, modernist music, activist theater, cosmopolitan dance, transnational cultural circuits, and politically radical performances. Reading historical, social, and performance studies, we will develop methods for analyzing performances that aim to make transformative social interventions. These include textual analysis, ethnography, performance analysis, and tracking transnational cultural exchange. You will apply select methods in your final research paper, which centers on an avant-gardist cultural phenomenon in the contemporary Global South.

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