THAI 4101: Historical & Political Context of Thailand

4 Credits

This course explores the history of modernization, conditions of social transition, and current issues that characterize Thailand and influence relationships among various social groups. Students will enhance their understanding of the process of modernization and multi-level adjustment of Thai society in different historical contexts. Cultural diversity, political transition, and economic development are integral in analyzing and understanding these topics. Thailand is unique in southeast Asia for its lack of colonization. It also has a long history of development in southeast Asia, serving as a regional hub for international development. This course will examine the development process in Thailand, its political and social history, and especially the current struggles of modernity and as an emerging economy in southeast Asia. While many of the basic issues of development have been successfully dealt with (literacy is high, clean water and basic needs are met, etc.), Thailand is now dealing with growing inequality, challenges of post-modernity, and increasing demand for popular participation in politics within a patron-client-based society.

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