TLDO3896: Internship in Toledo

3 Credits

This course grants students the opportunity to reflect on the Spanish work environment in an international context. Through the internship, proposed readings, participation in classroom debates, and written assignments, students will increase their knowledge of Spanish culture and improve their ability to critically examine the worldview that surrounds them. This course is designed to guide students through their internship and build a foundation for a successful professional career. Through assignments and class discussions, students will gain a comparative multicultural perspective on the world labor force, deepening their self-knowledge, their understanding of the work environment, and their perception of success in the workplace. With its multidisciplinary focus, the course seeks to give students the tools they need to analyze the modern Spanish society in which they will find themselves immersed through their internship. With an introduction to modern history, students will analyze different economic, political, and cultural elements that influence society at large and the workplace in particular. In this course, students will discuss many topics involving Spanish society, including the changing role of women, the role of civil servants, immigration, and the solidity of the family structure. In addition, students will analyze potential intercultural communication problems that may arise during their internship, and they will discuss strategies for adapting to their work experience in order to take full advantage of it.

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