WRIT3152W: Writing on Issues of Science and Technology

3 CreditsEnvironmentWriting Intensive

Science and technology are key parts of nearly every aspect of our lives, and, just as important, science and technology are highly debated topics in political, economic, social, public, and personal spheres. For example, consider debates regarding genetically modified foods, space exploration, vaccines, oil pipelines, or clean drinking water. This course will push you to consider the ways you think, feel, and write about science and technology. This course will ask you to examine the relationship between language and science and technology. We will spend the semester reading about science and technology, in addition to studying and practicing different strategies, techniques, and approaches for communicating about science and technology. Using rhetorical studies as a foundation, this course will give you the tools to more effectively engage with scientific and technological topics and debates. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, this course aims to foster engagement with scientific and technological conversations. Put simply, students should leave this course caring about scientific and technological issues and wanting to participate in the conversations that surround such issues.

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