WRIT 3701W: Rhetorical Theory for Writing Studies

3 CreditsWriting Intensive

This course is designed to explore major issues and perspectives in rhetorical criticism, including foundational concepts from the history of rhetorical theory, elements of rhetorical studies, and methods of rhetorical analysis. Rhetoric is an art form with a diverse theoretical landscape, meaning that there is no singular, stable definition of the term; rather, rhetoric is a practice that has been used as an organizing principle for a variety of communicative acts – written, spoken, and enacted. As such, the study of rhetorical theory and criticism begins with the understanding that human beings use language and symbols to shape our many worldviews. The skills obtained in this class will help you to understand the nature and function of the persuasive strategies that structure our everyday lives and arguments. As a writing-intensive course, you will also learn how to construct a piece of rhetorical criticism that draws upon a toolbox of ideas and methods to successfully articulate a rhetorical argument.

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