YOST 3325W: Project-Based Writing For Education and Human Development Majors

4 CreditsWriting Intensive

Designed for those CEHD learners who seek to fulfill the upper level writing intensive requirement in a way that is relevant to their major and field of study, this course will support you as you manage a larger writing project. Learners in this course will form a community of writers, as each grapples with the challenges of a major project focusing on a meaningful problem or issue in your field of study. Some of the most important and most challenging work you face as you near graduation in your major is the work of bringing your academic training to bear on current issues in your field of study. By focusing on project-based writing, this course supports undergraduate learners in the endeavor to delve into and contribute to the work being done in your field to address a particular problem. You will propose a project, identify an audience, tailor your work to address your audience’s needs, gather relevant information through primary and secondary research, and create a product that engages others and furthers the real-world work of solving problems. Collaborative activities and assignments will support you through the process. The course structure is flexible and designed to be responsive to individual needs and a variety of disciplinary contexts, so that students can receive feedback and guidance during different stages of capstone or thesis writing, or community engagement projects. Thus, you can anticipate that the majority of the work will focus on a project that you will propose based on your interests, needs, or connections to your writing work in your major. Course goals are to develop a writing process, understand the habits of writings, work through a larger research project, develop skill in the APA format, learn to use the University libraries, consider audience needs. In class work include: peer review, active learning activities designed around writing skill development, discussion, lecture, and presentation. Learners are expected to actively engage in the course material, participate in class and give and receive feedback about writing. prereq: 60+ undergraduate credits, declared major, or instr consent

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