BIOL 1913: Understanding the Evolution-Creationism Controversy

1 CreditFreshman Seminar

This seminar has two goals: 1) to help you succeed at the University of Minnesota, and 2) to help you develop your own understanding and appreciation of the evolution-creationism controversy. We will discuss the many aspects of the evolution-creationism controversy, including its history, legacy, relevance, and key people. We will also discuss a variety of issues related to the controversy, including those involving court decisions, public opinion, racism, politics, etc. Many people are emotional and opinionated about the evolution-creationism controversy. Although this seminar is not focused on opinions, we will talk about why so many people feel strongly about this issue, and why the controversy persists. You will be interested in, and probably surprised by, what you learn. Each week we will also talk about concerns and/or questions you have about life at the University. Although I can't fix your parking tickets, I can offer advice about what you'll need to do to succeed here.

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