BIOL 1927: The Greatest Benefit to Humankind: the Nobel Prize and Where Good Ideas Come From

1 CreditFreshman Seminar

Through studying the Nobel Prize, the people and the research behind them, we’ll consider where good ideas come from and some of the best ideas that have led to the greatest benefit to humankind. The history of the Nobel Prize is filled with societal changing ideas, but it is also filled with drama and scandal! We’ll consider who has been chosen to receive a Nobel Prize and why, research awarded the Nobel Prize that has later been disproven, and discuss how the Nobel Prize selection might be adapted for the future. Students will examine innovation across a variety of disciplines and consider how solutions to problems facing society require creativity, collaboration, and new ways of thinking through activities designed to improve your creative thinking. Classwork will involve discussion, group work, writing, and an in-class presentation.

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