BIOL3004: Foundations of Biology for Biological Sciences Majors, Part II Laboratory

3 Credits

This course follows BIOL 1961 and is required for all CBS majors. Students design and perform research projects that will require an additional 4-to-6 hours per week of work outside of class; times to be arranged. Each section is devoted to a single research area; check the section details to see which sections correspond to each research area. Research projects in zebrafish environmental toxicology and zebrafish microbiome sections will require in-person work in the BIOL 3004 laboratory. Only students with previous command line coding experience should enroll for a computational microbiology section. All projects involve applying quantitative skills, scientific method, and modern biological tools to real-world questions. prereq: Foundations of Biology Lab I: BIOL 1961, 1961H, 2002, or 2002H AND CHEM 1021, 1061, 1071H, or 1081. Credit will not be granted if credit has been received for: BIOL 3004H.

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