CSPH 5305: Introduction to Integrative Mental Health

2 CreditsOnline Available

Prerequisite: Graduate or Professional student. This course focuses on introducing students to the concept of integrative mental health (IMH). Definitions of IMH, the history and background of the concept, and how it relates to psychiatric care and health care in general will be explored. Students will explore and practice risk-benefit profiles of different modalities in the context of evidence-based mental health care. An emphasis will be placed on the connection between physical and mental health and how that can be approached from an integrative perspective. Topics such as mindfulness and mental health, nutrition and mental health, herbs and supplements in psychiatric care, and the role of functional medicine in IMH will be covered, as well as how psychotherapy and psychotropic medications fit in the IMH framework. Students will review the current diagnostic system for mental health disorders and that can both help and hinder an integrative approach to mental health care. Integrative approaches for assessing mental health concerns will be reviewed, and how to use these approaches alongside a traditional medical approach for maximum benefit will be explored. Students will further review specific modalities for mental health and wellbeing that are less focused on specific systems and more focused on holism and the interplay of systems. Students will also identity and explore different ways of viewing mental health and wellbeing based on cultural and geographical issues, and how these may impact the approaches.

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