ENGL1001W: Introduction to Literature: Poetry, Drama, Narrative

4 CreditsEnvironmentEthical and Civic ResponsibilityField StudyLiteratureOnline AvailableWriting Intensive

This is a writing-intensive course that also meets the Literature Core requirement. From epic battles against monsters in legendary kingdoms to stories about characters in worlds similar to our own, literature engages us with the diverse perspectives and experiences that make up our communities and world. ENGL 1001W introduces students to ways of understanding and appreciating literature in English across cultures and historical periods. Throughout this course, we will develop skills to help us understand literature, especially the ability to read language closely (a skill valuable in many disciplines beyond literature). We will explore how writers use language and literary aspects, such as genre, voice, tone, symbol, motif, theme, imagery, narrative, and form. We also will learn how to write about literature, sharing our interpretations of how and why literary works have meaning for ourselves and others, while viewing them through critical cultural lenses, including ways to understand how gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and class can function in literary texts.

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