ENGL1913W: I Don't Want to Grow Up: Coming of Age in Fiction

3 CreditsFreshman SeminarEnvironmentIntellectual CommunityWriting Intensive

In this literature and discussion seminar, we will read novels and short stories that portray the often uneasy shift from the teen years to adulthood in a wide range of books, from Jane Austen to the American western to narratives of soldiering and war to graphic/comic novels to dystopian fiction. Students will debate, analyze, and occasionally *dramatize* the coming-of-age experiences about which we will read. What does adulthood consist of? In what ways have the definitions of youth and maturity changed over time, depending on historical and cultural context? This is a \"Writing Intensive\" course: Students will produce imaginative, coherent, thought-provoking and grammatically correct essays; revision will be an integral part of the class.

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